When Basketball Media Guides Were Brutally Honest

Long ago, as a factchecker for a college basketball encyclopedia, I quickly learned to fear the SWAC. Its member schools' media guides, the official and often sole sources for history and statistics, were riddled with errors, omissions, typos, and for many seasons, simply weren't produced at all. The amateurishness… » 4/01/14 3:46pm 4/01/14 3:46pm

Jackson State To Sue Grambling For Boycotting Its Homecoming Game

The Grambling football players' decision not to travel for Saturday's game left its opponent in a lurch. It was homecoming for Jackson State, which earned a forfeit win but suddenly had less than 24 hours to come up with some alternative programming for all those returning alumni. Jackson State ended up playing an… » 10/23/13 3:52pm 10/23/13 3:52pm

Grambling Football Team Ends Boycott; Situation Still A Mess [Updated]

The Grambling football team's boycott in protest of shitty work conditions is now over. But that's not to say all is well. Photos of the football facility that surfaced over the weekend show just how awful things had gotten, and the university has punished two members of the student newspaper for covering and… » 10/21/13 4:39pm 10/21/13 4:39pm

What's Behind The Grambling Football Team's Protest

Grambling's storied football program is in complete disarray. On Tuesday, players walked out of a meeting with coaches and administrators. On Wednesday, they skipped practice altogether in protest, then repeated the boycott again today. And interim coach George Ragsdale has reportedly been fired. The players aren't… » 10/17/13 6:46pm 10/17/13 6:46pm

Grambling football is in revolt: Fed up with everything from missed meals to 12-hour bus rides to an unceremoniously fired coach, Grambling State players walked out of a meeting with coaches and administrators last night. "It was basically a munity," one witness said. [Shreveport Times] » 10/16/13 5:42pm 10/16/13 5:42pm

The Grambling State Baseball Team Lost A Game 30-0

We did our best to keep you abreast of Grambling State's historically awful season on the basketball court, but it turns out that the school's futility sometimes extends to the baseball diamond as well. » 4/10/13 5:45pm 4/10/13 5:45pm

"You Always Think You're Gonna Win A Game": An Interview With The Coach…

It's official: With last night's 59-51 loss to Alabama A&M in the quarterfinals of the SWAC tournament, Grambling basketball finished the season a perfectly imperfect 0-28. It was the closest game the Tigers played all year; all of their other losses were by at least 10, and their final average margin of defeat was… » 3/14/13 4:15pm 3/14/13 4:15pm

Is This The Worst Division I College Basketball Team Of All Time?

See that video up there? That's two-plus minutes of highlights from Cleveland State's 92-49 victory over Grambling State on Nov. 9. Put another way: It's two-plus minutes of lowlights from the first game of what's shaping up to be the worst Division I college basketball season in history. » 1/14/13 2:40pm 1/14/13 2:40pm

Grambling Wants NCAA To Strip Paterno's Wins, Give Eddie Robinson The…

In October, a 10-7 win over Illinois gave Joe Paterno his 409th career victory, passing Grambling State's Eddie Robinson for the most all-time D1 coaching wins. A week later, Jerry Sandusky was arrested, Paterno was fired, and Penn State football stopped mattering for a while. But it still matters to some in the town… » 7/20/12 11:25am 7/20/12 11:25am

When The Bands Are More Competitive Than The Football Teams

The epic Grambling State and Prairie View rivalry was taken to absurd new heights last week, as each team's marching band attempted to disrupt the other team's offense. Seriously, this is the most exciting story on SWAC football in years. » 10/11/09 5:30pm 10/11/09 5:30pm