Famous Action-Movie Quotes, As Sentence Diagrams

Remember sentence diagrams? If you're like me—under 30 without a day spent in a Catholic school—the answer's probably no, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy looking at them. Luckily, Pop Chart Lab just released "A Diagrammatical Dissertation on Notable Lines of Cinematic Action," which breaks down the sentence… »5/13/14 5:12pm5/13/14 5:12pm

Joe Girardi's Father Died, And The New York Post Seriously Fucked Up Their Headline

Today the Yankees announced that manager Joe Girardi's father passed away. Jerry Girardi had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for years, and this New Yorker article describes how Joe would make the six-hour drive to the nursing home in Illinois every time the Yankees traveled to Chicago. »10/11/12 4:30pm10/11/12 4:30pm

The Thunder Are A Matchup Nightmare For Copy Editors. So Is The Heat.

Tonight's tipoff between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat is a milestone for American pro sports. For the first time, a major championship is pitting two teams whose names are mass nouns rather than ordinary plurals. The naming fad that gave us the Heat and the Orlando Magic at the end of the '80s has at… »6/12/12 5:22pm6/12/12 5:22pm