At Last, A Women's Final Worth Watching: The Serena Williams-Aggie Radwanska Match Will Be Awesome

When the Serena Williams-Victoria Azarenka Wimbledon semifinal started today, Mike Tirico and Mary Joe Fernandez made it pretty clear that they considered the match the de facto final. This was a popular theory, but it's wrong. Serena's straight-set victory put her into the final against Agnieszka Radwanska—a matchup… »7/05/12 12:45pm7/05/12 12:45pm

Welsh Rugby Out To Kill All Kinds Of Popes, Not Just The Catholic Ones

This story is strange on a number of levels. In 2008, two Welsh doctors discovered that going back to 1883, five roman Catholic Popes had died whenever Wales rugby won the Grand Slam. The Grand Slam, of course, is when one team in the annual Six Nations Championship beats all the other teams in a given year. The six… »4/21/12 11:20am4/21/12 11:20am