Criminal Mind: The Reclusive Genius Behind the Grand Theft Auto Franchise

Pump. Pump. Pump. Sam Houser's heart is pounding. The most reclusive man in video games and the mastermind behind the 150-million-selling Grand Theft Auto series is biking to work in the pouring rain. His custom pink Independent Fabrication racer weaves through New York City traffic, the type of chaotic gridlock Grand… »12/09/13 1:50pm12/09/13 1:50pm

Watch As Grand Theft Auto Plays Out For Real In The Streets Of Chicago

Belmont Avenue is a perfectly typical street on Chicago's North Side. There's a stretch of it not too far from Wrigley Field that has a good used book store and a bakery with decent crognets, and as you head west from there, the storefront shopping slowly disappears from the streetscape, leaving you, before long, on… »11/06/13 4:11pm11/06/13 4:11pm

Grand Theft Auto V: The Kotaku Review

Rockstar Games has scaled a mountain with Grand Theft Auto V, creating the best-looking, best-sounding and, most importantly, best-playing version of gaming's most notorious franchise. Scaling one peak, however, reveals another—their cloud-piercing ambition to create a great ensemble video game drama, an epic of… »9/16/13 12:16pm9/16/13 12:16pm

Grand Theft Auto Taught Me To Drive’ [UPDATE: Hoax]

UPDATE, 12/4/14: This story appears to have been based on a hoax that was intended to trick us into publishing a false article. An indie developer said as much online last night and in a subsequent e-mail to me, saying that he and a friend decided to play a "harmless" prank to see which of the e-mails they sent to… »5/13/13 10:22am5/13/13 10:22am

Lenny Dykstra Faces Four Years In Prison After Grand Theft Auto Plea Deal, Is Free Until January

Today, Lenny Dykstra pleaded no contest to three counts of felony grand theft auto and one count of submitting false statements to a financial institution stemming for allegedly leasing sweet rides with bogus paperwork. In return for said pleading, 21 other charges were dropped and Nails was ROR'd until his January… »10/19/11 8:30pm10/19/11 8:30pm