Why Would An Olympic Basketball Player Not Want To Lead His Team In…

Thanks to Grant Hill, another interesting piece of Olympic basketball lore has risen to the surface. Yesterday, Hill went on the Dan Patrick Show, and talked about how nobody on the 1996 Olympic basketball team wanted to be the team's leading scorer, because that person would automatically have to submit to a drug… » 7/26/12 4:25pm 7/26/12 4:25pm

Grant Hill's Goodbye Party Was Not Much Fun

Out of politeness more than anything else, I thought maybe I should take a second to acknowledge that the NBA did still exist and actually operated on the NFL's special day. Its importance, obviously, is miniscule when in comparison to the issue of which college superstars will lead last year's 3-13 NFL teams to 6-10… » 4/29/07 2:00pm 4/29/07 2:00pm