Drew Miller Takes The Sharp End Of A Skate To His Face (GRAPHIC)

Skates aren't supposed to go six feet high, but sometimes when you're being undercut to the ground shit happens. After getting hit in the face by Ottawa forward Mark Stone's skate, Drew Miller immediately got up and skated to the bench, motioning frantically. Luckily, somehow, though Miller suffered deep… » 3/31/15 11:33pm Tuesday 11:33pm

The world's most popular beers in one neat map

Booze lovers' magazine Vinepair put together this neat map showing the most popular beer brands around the world. Yeah, it's hard to believe that a tasteless concoction like Bud Light is the top selling beer in the US. Unfortunately, as it's often the case, most popular doesn't mean better. » 3/13/15 2:09pm 3/13/15 2:09pm

Football Recruit Attempts To Jump Over Moving Car, Breaks Arm And Leg

Bladimir Barreto, a 19 year-old from Palm Bay, Fla., was seriously injured when he tried to jump over a moving car while making a video to send to NCAA football recruiters. Barreto attempted to clear a Honda Accord driven by his brother, and was sent hurtling through the air when he failed to clear the oncoming car.… » 10/26/12 1:35pm 10/26/12 1:35pm