Which Sports Network Wastes The Most Space With Its Scores Ticker?

When ESPN introduced the "BottomLine" as an experiment on its new ESPN2 channel nearly 20 years ago, few expected the feature to become as ubiquitous in sports broadcasting as it has. Today, nearly every cable sports net has its own version of the scores ticker, and in an industry that clings to convention it's… »5/29/14 9:31am5/29/14 9:31am


Speed Skaters Have Gotten A Lot Faster Since 1924

Similar to what The New York Times did for the 100m dash in 2012, The Wall Street Journal has developed a great graphic to show just how much faster the top speed skaters have gotten over the years. The still above is part of an animation pitting every male 500m gold medalist against each other; the 2002 winner (Casey… »2/10/14 6:20pm2/10/14 6:20pm

Dear CBS, Please Stop Using Yellow In Your Ticker [Update]

I've been bugged by this since around 3:55, and I'm not the only one—we've gotten emails and tweets from people complaining about CBS's ticker, which uses a striking yellow "Final" box to indicate which games are over. If you're half paying attention, it makes you think there's a flag on the play. Every play. »9/15/13 6:16pm9/15/13 6:16pm

Game Of Thrones House Sigils, As Re-Imagined By A Nike Designer

Darrin Crescenzi is a Portland-based graphic designer, and something of a go-to guy for Nike. He's responsible for, among other things, the Team USA Olympic jerseys, Nike's Livestrong campaign, and various logos and brandmarks going back half a decade. These are all corporate things that are hard for anyone who's not… »9/07/12 2:45pm9/07/12 2:45pm

The New York Times Tries Its Hand At Animated Gifs. It Does Not Go Well.

If Buzzfeed and the Times made a baby, and it had epilepsy, it would look like this: "10 Animated GIFs From London 2012." These gifs are different—they're constructed from rapid fire shots taken by the Times's photographers, rather than from actual moving pictures. It sort of defeats the entire purpose of the medium. »8/10/12 2:00pm8/10/12 2:00pm