Your Handy Guide For What Will Win The Oscar Categories No One Understands

One of the more competitive Oscars campaigns in recent years culminates Sunday, when millions of people will gather around their televisions and think, "Ellen DeGeneres is a pretty dull host, but at least she's not Seth MacFarlane." Tomorrow, Will and I will do our predictions for the eight major prizes, but here… » 2/26/14 7:21pm 2/26/14 7:21pm

The Unexpected Films Of Alfonso Cuarón

Some directors never make the same film twice. They move around between genres, challenging audiences to try to figure out the connections between their very different movies. A great example of this is Alfonso Cuarón, who's made children's movies (A Little Princess), sexy coming-of-age tales (Y Tu Mamá También), a… » 10/03/13 5:45pm 10/03/13 5:45pm

The 16 Fall Movies You Should Be Excited About: A Guide

Labor Day is the signpost every year that the sugary summer junk is behind us and that the nutritious square meal of awards season has finally arrived. That's the theory, anyway: In actuality, summer movies like Before Midnight and Fruitvale Station will be as well-received as any Oscar bait, and the biggest hits this… » 9/04/13 5:48pm 9/04/13 5:48pm