Outrageous Soccer Fight Features Head Kick, Brawl, Chase Scene

This might be the wildest, most bizarre sports fight I have ever seen. Massive brawls between teams or alcohol-fueled fights in the stands I get, but this? Why did the goalkeeper trip the celebrating player, why did the second guy trip him, and WHY DID THE THIRD GUY COME OVER AND KICK HIM IN THE FUCKING HEAD? » 3/28/15 4:52pm Today 4:52pm

Greek Club Such A Disaster, Manager Quits For Second Time This Season

OFI Crete manager Gennaro Gattuso has come to realize that it's kind of hard to motivate yourself and your players when the club refuses to pay salaries, makes you pay certain club expenses, and constantly finds new creditors they owe money to, leading to possible transfer bans and point deductions. So for the second… » 12/31/14 11:23am 12/31/14 11:23am

Goat Wants To Be Club's New Goalkeeper; Mean Greeks Cut Short His Tryout

Look, maybe trying out for the team mid-match shows some bad timing on the goat's part, but let my man at least try to make a couple saves. His positioning looks impeccable, and forwards are going to think twice before challenging for balls in the air knowing horns like that are aimed at their ribcage. » 12/05/14 3:51pm 12/05/14 3:51pm

Colombia's Four Goals Mean Four Instances Of Amazing Announcing

Colombia put four balls in the net yesterday, which means we have four instances of Javier Fernández Franco going berserk and four instances of the awesome Caracol heavy metal celebration song. Here's everything from Colombia's Caracol TV, and the rest of the goals scored yesterday as heard in the home country. » 6/25/14 12:00pm 6/25/14 12:00pm

Colombia Know How To Celebrate A Goal

Greek goalkeeper Orestis Karnezis froze on a deflected ball from the foot of Colombian defender Pablo Armero and could only watch as it trickled past him and into the back of the net. Kostas Manolas got a foot on it for Greece, but the change of pace tripped up Karnezis, giving Columbia a 1-0 lead and a chance to… » 6/14/14 12:22pm 6/14/14 12:22pm

Dammit, Greece Are Going To Try To Win Ugly Again

Greece has a pretty good domestic league that produces a handful of pretty good players who represent their pretty good national team. In the gauntlet that is European international competition, pretty good usually isn't enough. This year, though, Greece made it through the fire to earn a spot in their second straight… » 6/04/14 1:50pm 6/04/14 1:50pm

Auburn Wrests Title Of "Team Everyone Wants To Play" From Arkansas

Arkansas beat Auburn today, which in itself wouldn't be so strange except that as recently as this morning it was reasonable to ask whether Arkansas would ever win another game, ever, ever. The Hogs were a preseason top-10 team that lost f̶i̶v̶e̶ four games—in September. If someone was to cushion the fall, Tulsa… » 10/06/12 7:48pm 10/06/12 7:48pm

Greek Olympian Banned For Racist Twitter Joke

If we learned anything from Euro 2012, it's that Euros can be casually racist on a stunning level. But how about some casual racism infecting the Olympic spirit? Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou will not be going to London, just two days after a tweet that seems to have sent the whole nation into an uproar. The… » 7/25/12 10:30am 7/25/12 10:30am

The Foul-Mouthed Greek Coach Who Failed To Lead The U.S. To Soccer Glory

Germany smashed Greece, 4-2, in Euro 2012 last Friday. There would be no revenge for the not-austere-enough nation. On this week's excerpt from Slate's Hang Up and Listen podcast, genuine Greek Stefan Fatsis explores the team's tortured history (and the US's!) through Alketas Panagoulias, who recently died. » 6/29/12 1:50pm 6/29/12 1:50pm

A Reminder That Everything About The Olympics Is Always Corrupt

Forget the NCAA—the biggest amateur athletics scam going is the Olympic Games. The best sportsmen, sportswomen, and sportschildren in the world, all conveniently paid in "glory" and "pride" instead of money. And the Games make money, plenty of it. But a host city has never once shown a profit. So in the end, the… » 6/18/12 10:20am 6/18/12 10:20am

When European Basketball Fans Get Excited, They Light Their Stadiums On…

Here we were thinking VCU fans were having "riots" last week, but they're nothing compared to Panathinaikos BC fans. In this European basketball game last Thursday against Barcelona, Greek basketball fans torched their own stadium. Yes, what you see above is a basketball game — not a race riot. » 4/05/11 3:20pm 4/05/11 3:20pm