MSU Frat Bros Share Video of Sex Act with Seemingly Intoxicated Girl

A short video clip of a seemingly intoxicated woman performing oral sex on a man while he asks her, "What's the best fraternity at MSU?" is working its way through the internet social app latrines like Yik Yak and Sneak. » 1/23/15 3:00pm 1/23/15 3:00pm

Miss America Was Kicked Out of Her Sorority for Abusive Hazing

On paper, Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev reads like a forward-thinking person's dream of what a beauty queen could be. She's a trilingual honors student who's publicly passionate about women's health and down to clown with Jimmy Kimmel; she's got a squeaky-clean image and a squeaky-clean resume. But it's missing one… » 9/22/14 4:42pm 9/22/14 4:42pm

Sorority 'Dick Sucking Queen' Writes Truly Unhinged Graduation Letter

Sorority life teaches young ladies many important lessons throughout their college tenures: sisterhood, service, and, if this graduation from one nutty sorority girl is to be believed, dick sucking. » 4/23/14 11:05am 4/23/14 11:05am

Frat Bro Issues a Damn Good Apology for Rapey 'Rapebait' Email

Last week, a gross, rapey email sent to the entirety Georgia Tech's Phi Kappa Tau fraternity by the house's social chair went viral. Rightfully so; it was a rapey, misogynistic piece of trash that referred to getting women as "luring rapebait." Now, the author of the infamous letter has offered an apology— and a damn… » 10/10/13 4:34pm 10/10/13 4:34pm

Naked Sweethearts & Mud Crawls: A Small College's Big Hazing Problem

Anonymous posters on Greek Life forums have long swapped rumors about the horrific hazing at Young Harris College, a tiny private college up in Appalachia run by former Georgia Secretary of State and failed gubernatorial candidate Cathy Cox. Now, a potent new lawsuit alleges that YHC administrators turned a blind eye… » 4/30/13 11:59am 4/30/13 11:59am

Self-Proclaimed Jersey-Chasers Bring UNC Hoopsters To Sorority Formal,…

Last night was Spring Formal for the UNC-Chapel Hill chapter of the Chi Omega sorority. And three of the lovely ladies landed as dates three of the members of the basketball team: Harrison Barnes, John Henson and Kendall Marshall. » 4/01/11 9:55am 4/01/11 9:55am