Apparently, You Can Wear A Hoodie Under An NFL Jersey

This is the NFL, where you will get fined for wearing the wrong cleats, or eye black, or headphones, or baseball cap. So when Packers WR James Jones played the entire 30-13 win over the Vikings with a hoodie on underneath his jersey, most everyone figured he’d have to cut a check to pay for his coziness. Not so! The… »11/23/15 10:10am11/23/15 10:10am

Aaron Rodgers's Throwing Shoulder Is "Banged Up"

If this doesn’t fully explain Aaron Rodgers’s (relative) struggles this season, it sure goes a hell of a lot further than hypotheticals about his girlfriend. Rodgers appeared on the injury report for the first time this week with an unspecified injury to his right shoulder, and since there was no obvious play that… »11/20/15 9:08am11/20/15 9:08am

Olivia Munn Doesn't Appreciate Being Mentioned As A Possible "Off-Field Issue"

ESPN’s Rob Demovsky wrote an article titled “Five reasons why quarterback Aaron Rodgers is struggling,” in which he tries to figure out why the Packers’ star quarterback hasn’t been his impeccable self in the last few games. The reasons Demovsky gives range from perfectly reasonable—Jordy Nelson is hurt—to the oddly… »11/19/15 11:07am11/19/15 11:07am

Aaron Rodgers Criticizes Packers Fan Who Screamed "MUSLIMS SUCK!" During Moment Of Silence

Morons at Lambeau Field interrupted yesterday’s league-mandated moment of silence for Paris terrorism victims with all manner of ejaculations, including “MUSLIMS SUCK!” (We isolated a crowd-level audio feed of the moment in the above video.) Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers addressed the remark in his postgame… »11/16/15 10:30am11/16/15 10:30am

Cam Newton Vs. The Packers Banner Has A Happy Ending

Banners! Let’s talk about banners. It’s much more interesting than talking about how the Panthers are 8-0*, and with a two-game lead plus the tiebreaker over the Packers, are firmly in the driver’s seat for homefield advantage in the NFC. Because homefield isn’t so great if you’ve got a bunch of a visiting fans in the… »11/09/15 1:33pm11/09/15 1:33pm

The Broncos' Shutdown Defense Made Aaron Rodgers Look Human

The Denver Broncos made a drastic change to their philosophy in one offseason. Peyton Manning no longer scores absurd amounts of points to give the team a large margin of error. The 2015 Broncos are defense-first, and they showed how far they’ve come Sunday night as they shut down Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers,… »11/02/15 12:18pm11/02/15 12:18pm

Aaron Rodgers Moving Around Is Its Own Kind Of Highlight

Watching Aaron Rodgers play quarterback is the most satisfying experience that the NFL currently has to offer, so we’re gonna go ahead and keep throwing confetti on him on a regular basis. We’ve been over his arm strength and ridiculous accuracy, but last night’s performance was all about that other thing he does… »9/29/15 1:34pm9/29/15 1:34pm

Aaron Rodgers Makes Fun Of Russell Wilson By Crediting God For The Packers' Win

After the Packers’ 27-17 win over the Seahawks last night, Aaron Rodgers gave the credit to God. Which wouldn’t be a thing, normally: athletes do that all the time. Except Rodgers is already on record as believing God doesn’t care about Packers-Seahawks games. This was a shot at Russell Wilson. »9/21/15 8:58am9/21/15 8:58am

The NFL Split $7.2 Billion In Revenue Sharing Last Year

You don’t get much for owning a share of the Packers besides a pretty certificate—the shares are non-tradable and don’t pay dividends. But we all benefit from Green Bay being the only publicly owned major American pro sports team, because each year they have to release their financials. The numbers for fiscal year… »7/21/15 8:58am7/21/15 8:58am