Greg Jennings Tells SXSW Panel That NFL Players Really Do Care About Fantasy Football

As everyone knows, come this time of year Austin, TX is the Panel For Just About Anything Pop-Culturally-Imaginable Capital of the World. Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings was present for one such panel—on fantasy sports. During the round table discussion, Jennings admitted that players are concerned… »3/11/12 6:13pm3/11/12 6:13pm

You Have No Idea Whether Greg Jennings Really Fumbled Or Not, So Shut Up Already

Here's the definitive camera angle on the play from yesterday's Packers-Giants game that everyone is so twisted out of shape about. Greg Jennings is on his way to the ground, and the ball is a fraction of a second from being wrenched out of his grasp, and you can clearly see—what? Unless I missed the day the NFL… »1/16/12 4:23pm1/16/12 4:23pm

Greg Jennings Responds To Fan's Religious Experience As Greg Jennings On Madden

Back in October in the virtual realm, Packers WR Greg Jennings scored a 99-yard touchdown on a broken leg in Madden. The gamer's voice-over went viral — it has been viewed over four million times on YouTube — but Jennings himself hadn't yet responded to the most famous play of his career. At ESPN The Weekend at… »3/07/11 1:00pm3/07/11 1:00pm