Mark Sanchez Is Once Again The Starting Quarterback For The New York Jets

Last we checked in on the Jets' quarterbacking situation, Tim Tebow was a coddled malcontent who just wanted "to play regular quarterback." This came after Mark Sanchez, the man who permanently eliminated "poise" from the NFL lexicon, turned it over five times against Tennessee and was benched for Sunday's game… »12/27/12 2:05pm12/27/12 2:05pm


The Jets Will Make A QB Change, Just In Time To Continue Being Terrible And Directionless

Coming into this season, the Jets had two choices. They could fully commit to Mark Sanchez, signal their confidence in him by signing him to a contract extension, and decide that win or lose, he was going to be the team's quarterback. Or they could acquire a promising backup, one who would immediately have the fans… »12/18/12 2:10pm12/18/12 2:10pm

Mark Sanchez Will Stay The Jets' Starter, Reportedly Against The Wishes Of Woody Johnson

Despite Greg McElroy's season-saving drive against the Cardinals—the most celebrated 5-for-7 in team history, perhaps—Mark Sanchez is still the Jets' quarterback. Sanchez will start Sunday in Jacksonville, McElroy will return to holding a clipboard, and the Jets drama train rolls on. »12/05/12 9:40am12/05/12 9:40am