Greg Oden Put Up A Double-Double In His Chinese Basketball Debut

Hey, remember Greg Oden? The former Trail Blazer with two different sized legs? The former top pick is back playing basketball, this time in China with the Jiangsu Dragons and he looks pretty good, albeit it’s still preseason there too. He’ll share go-to duties with Arnett Moultrie, former Sixers washout. Please enjoy… »10/17/15 1:45pm10/17/15 1:45pm


How Old Are These Sports People, According To This Rude App?

The internet distraction of the day is How-Old, an app that determines a person’s age through some secret calculations that aren’t quite clear. It’s fun for a laugh. The site can be surprisingly accurate or very wrong, and frankly, rude as hell. We plugged in a few faces from the sports world and see what How-Old spit… »4/30/15 3:42pm4/30/15 3:42pm

Greg Oden Will Start An NBA Game For The First Time Since 2009

LeBron James is sitting out today's game against the Bulls with a broken nose, and Greg Oden, in a surprising decision, will take his place in Miami's starting five. The last time Oden started was Dec. 5, 2009; he fractured his left patella in the first quarter of that game. But in Oden's case, what does "start"… »2/23/14 3:22pm2/23/14 3:22pm

Greg Oden Has "Slight Setback," Misses Practice With Knee Swelling

Welp. That didn't take long. Greg Oden only took part in his first five-on-five drill with the Heat on Monday, but he had to be held out of practice today because of swelling in his left knee. ESPN's Brian Windhorst calls it a "slight setback," but it still can't be good news for a guy whose knee troubles have kept… »10/16/13 7:18pm10/16/13 7:18pm

Report: Greg Oden To Decide Between Heat And Spurs

It's not often that a 25-year-old seven-footer with world-beating potential comes on the market, and it's even rarer for the two suitors in the mix to both be defending conference champions. But that's exactly the situation with Greg Oden, who will work out for teams this week, and according to one report, it's down… »7/23/13 9:00am7/23/13 9:00am

Greg Oden Will Try Another Comeback, And The Heat Are Interested

Greg Oden is the NBA's Greek tragedy—a body outwardly designed for basketball dominance, but with an internal structure woefully insufficient for the task. Oden hasn't played since his patella attempted to escape in 2009, and underwent his third microfracture surgery on his knees in February. He's been rehabbing,… »1/10/13 3:20pm1/10/13 3:20pm

Greg Oden Says He Became An Alcoholic, Got Offers To Work In Porn

Mark Titus has a piece over at Grantland that offers a "rare and candid" look at the reclusive Greg Oden, who was finally released by the Trail Blazers in March after five seasons marked mostly by injuries. Titus, who writes about his basketball experiences on his blog, Club Trillion, acknowledges up front that he's… »5/09/12 4:00pm5/09/12 4:00pm