Break Out The Flat Top: Greg Ostertag Is Making A Comeback In The D-League

Without cheating, guess how long Greg Ostertag has been retired? It was only five years ago, when an out-of-shape Ostertag was playing limited minutes behind Mehmet Okur and mentoring a young Kris Humphries. But it's been even longer since he was effective, and longer than that since he played for a contending team.… »12/28/11 2:20pm12/28/11 2:20pm


Greg Ostertag Plays Ping Pong Exactly Like You'd Expect Greg Ostertag To Play Ping Pong

What a thrill that must have been for this young man ... to launch ping pong balls in the direction of Greg Ostertag while he stands there expressionless and forces himself to occasionally move his arms just a tiny little bit. Lucky guy got to experience the same thing experienced by every opposing center who ever… »3/10/07 3:44pm3/10/07 3:44pm