Haughty Dipshit Gregg Easterbrook Gone From ESPN

It’s draft day today, and you may have noticed that former Fullbright distinguished fellow Gregggggggg Easterbrook has yet to issue his annual “mock” mock draft, in which he has teams drafting all sorts of whimsical fictional characters and public figures. The Ravens drafting Hillary Clinton because she excels at… »4/30/15 10:53am4/30/15 10:53am


Haughty Dipshit Gregg Easterbrook Makes Terrible Book Recommendations

For today's Buffalo News, columnist Greg Connors did a neat thing, asking a bunch of sports media people—some local, some national—to name their favorite sports books. They listed some really good titles, and it's fun to see what writers like Bryan Curtis, Will Leitch, and Josh Levin came up with. You should go check… »8/26/14 11:39am8/26/14 11:39am

Haughty Dipshit Gregg Easterbrook Makes Us Ask: What Is A Glory Boy?

If you've hung out around this site in the past, you know that we consider ESPN fartsniffer Gregg Easterbrook to be a haughty dipshit. When Easterbrook isn't spending inches of column space attacking the plot holes in an episode of Human Target (He does just that this week, which is timely!), he's indulging in his… »5/02/12 9:55am5/02/12 9:55am

Gregg Easterbrook Has Dubbed The Bounty Scandal "Sinnersgate," Because He's A Haughty Dipshit

Now that Terra Nova has been canceled, noted Brookings Institutionarian and surveyor of the cosmos Gregg Easterbrook was finally free today to chime in on the NFL bounty scandal. And oh, dear readers. Oh, the man never fails to disappoint. Right off the bat, this is what you get ... »3/06/12 5:34pm3/06/12 5:34pm

Gregg Easterbrook Puts The Final, Retarded Exclamation Point On Obama's Bracketology-Gate

You only need to see the headline and the byline to know what you're in for with yesterday's breathtakingly pointless Easterbrook essay about President Obama filling out a March Madness bracket. Yes, some people are still actually debating this. BLACKIEHUSSEINBRACKETGATE! Let's dive in, shall we? »3/30/11 11:30am3/30/11 11:30am