Well, I Guess We're Watching The Grey Cup

As a Canadian, you have a few innate responsibilities. In April you pay your taxes, in November you buy a poppy, in January you watch the World Juniors, and when the Grey Cup comes around, you watch it. Even if your team isn't in it. Even if you're not a CFL fan. The Grey Cup is a transcendent, once-a-year television… » 11/30/14 6:38pm 11/30/14 6:38pm

Beer Of The Week: Big Rock Brewery's Honey Brown Lager

This weekend the Canadian Football League season culminates with a game called the Grey Cup, in its 100th incarnation. A team called the Stampeders, out of Calgary, is visiting Toronto to play the Argonauts. In rough American equivalence this is Dallas against New York, a big game with a dose of civic grudge match.… » 11/24/12 6:59pm 11/24/12 6:59pm

Desperate For Live Programming, NBC Sports Network Turns To Canadian…

When NBC announced it would be rebranding Versus as the NBC Sports Network, some people thought it might be able to rival ESPN as the nation's premier 24-hour sports network. Well, so much for that. Aside from the NHL, NBCSN doesn't have broadcast rights for any major sports. That's about to change, though, because … » 7/22/12 5:30pm 7/22/12 5:30pm

Canadian Football Player Breaks His Leg Like An American Football Player

Leron Mitchell broke his leg during the Grey Cup last night. It's really awful, but the YouTube description is beautifully poetic: "Leron Mitchell snaps his leg during the CFL championship game. His team also lost." When it rains in Canada, it pours. » 11/29/10 1:55pm 11/29/10 1:55pm

Another Roughrider Goes Home Disappointed

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are not sticking the Grey Cup anywhere after last night's last-second defeat in the CFL championship. It's going to be a long winter up there. » 11/30/09 9:15am 11/30/09 9:15am

Alouettes! Roughriders! It's the 97th Grey Cup!

The battle for the CFL championship kicks off in a few minutes (I think they have kickoffs), and we'll soon know once and for all which is the greatest football city on earth: Montreal or Regina. [CFL] » 11/29/09 6:15pm 11/29/09 6:15pm

Below-Freezing Wind Chill Not Enough To Deter Grey Cup Revelers

An "ice hazard" and wind chills dipping to four-below-zero didn't stop thousands of Canadians from turning out to attend today's Grey Cup parade in Calgary. The fact that Elisha Cuthbert was Grand Marshal probably didn't hurt attendance. [TSN] » 11/28/09 5:10pm 11/28/09 5:10pm

Ricky Williams Has Had Just About Enough Of Canada, Thanks

For those of you not up on your Grey Cup, the East semifinals are this weekend, featuring the Winnipeg Blue Bombers against the Toronto Argonauts and our old friend Ricky Williams. During a practice interview — the interview was real, but it was after practice, if you'll forgive our somewhat misplaced modifier —… » 11/03/06 10:30am 11/03/06 10:30am