How To Deal When Your Widowed Parent Starts Dating Again

I never thought I would ever say this in my lifetime, but my mom has a new boyfriend. Sure, for now, she refers to him as her “friend,” but I know a date when I see one. My mom has a boyfriend. It’s new territory for me, and frankly, it’s terrifying. But it’s going to be okay. » 4/24/15 12:54pm 4/24/15 12:54pm

Rich Gang Might Be Breaking Up, But It's Fine

Moment of silence, please. Last week, rapper Rich Homie Quan went on Atlanta's Hot 107.9 and said he was taking a break from Rich Gang, his celebrated duo with Young Thug. (As you'll recall, their Tha Tour Part 1 was one of the best mixtapes of 2014.) Which means it's probably the beginning of the end for those two.… » 3/02/15 4:12pm 3/02/15 4:12pm

A Grieving Rex Ryan Believes That If The Jets Make The Super Bowl, Darrelle Revis's Knee Could Be Ready

Which stage of grief is denial? Right, that's Stage 1. On Monday, when a really, really sad Rex Ryan announced that Darrelle Revis had indeed torn his ACL, the Jets coach said he wanted to talk to his star cornerback before putting him on season-ending injured reserve. » 9/28/12 3:28pm 9/28/12 3:28pm