Get Off The Internet, Johnny Depp: Transcendence, Reviewed

1. Transcendence is what Her would be like if Her were made by idiots. All the things that film did right—establish a love story convincing enough to make us believe its crazy premise; scale down a global story for a specific focus; have a weirdo lead actor willing to dial it down and do something real—Transcendence » 4/17/14 10:50am 4/17/14 10:50am

The Lone Avenger: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Reviewed

When Marvel pooled its superhero talent for 2012's The Avengers, the rationale was obvious: If Iron Man or Thor or the Incredible Hulk could top the box office solo, just think how massive a summer blockbuster with all of them would be. And although the result was indeed a mega-hit—it's the all-time third-biggest film… » 4/01/14 3:35pm 4/01/14 3:35pm

Kick 'Em All: How The Raid 2 Turns Violence Into Art

Violence is such a constant in movies that we rarely appreciate when it's done well. The smallest hint of sexual content or nudity lands a film an R or a dreaded NC-17, but summer action blockbusters can inundate us with shootouts, explosions, car crashes, and off-screen deaths, and as long as there's no blood, they'll … » 3/26/14 4:57pm 3/26/14 4:57pm

Fucking With Us. Nymphomaniac, Part Two, Reviewed.

1. You know, I probably should have seen this coming. The first half of Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac two-parter was confrontational and insane, as you'd expect, but it was also, surprisingly, funny and daring and light on its feet. It was as if Von Trier, finishing up his Depression Trilogy, couldn't help finally… » 3/25/14 6:38pm 3/25/14 6:38pm

Sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational: Muppets Most Wanted,…

When Roger Ebert gave The Naked Gun a rave review back in 1988, this is how he praised it: "You laugh, and then you laugh at yourself for laughing. Some of the jokes are incredibly stupid. Most of them are dumber than dumb." Muppets Most Wanted is that way, too. This sequel to the very enjoyable 2011 reboot has all kinds … » 3/19/14 5:43pm 3/19/14 5:43pm

Nymphomaniac Has Repulsive Hardcore Sex And Is Made By A Crazy Man.…

Every Lars von Trier movie, deep down, is about how depressed Lars von Trier is and how much Lars von Trier hates himself, which is another reason it's amazing how gleefully deranged and entertaining each of his movies keeps turning out to be. He is the world's strangest guilt artist. He keeps finding new ways to make… » 3/11/14 5:44pm 3/11/14 5:44pm

Who Was The Best Oscars Host Of The Past 25 Years?

11. James Franco and Anne Hathaway (2011). Always beware of courting the "young," particularly two young people who are basically 50-year-olds in grownup clothing. Franco, stripped of all self-referential schtick, turned into an empty suit with nowhere to hide, and Hathaway's desperate attempts to pep up the room made… » 3/03/14 12:53pm 3/03/14 12:53pm

Grierson & Leitch Predict The Oscar Categories You Actually Care About

Yesterday, to help you out with your pool, Grierson made predictions in all the technical Oscar categories. Today, we both make our predictions for the eight major categories, the ones you actually care about. Let's go to it. » 2/27/14 6:05pm 2/27/14 6:05pm

Your Handy Guide For What Will Win The Oscar Categories No One…

One of the more competitive Oscars campaigns in recent years culminates Sunday, when millions of people will gather around their televisions and think, "Ellen DeGeneres is a pretty dull host, but at least she's not Seth MacFarlane." Tomorrow, Will and I will do our predictions for the eight major prizes, but here I'm… » 2/26/14 7:21pm 2/26/14 7:21pm

I Wouldn't Buy This For A Dollar. RoboCop, Reviewed.

No matter what you think of director Paul Verhoeven's movies, the one thing you could never call them is dull. Whether it's Showgirls or Total Recall, Basic Instinct or Starship Troopers, they've got this giddy, slightly demented intensity that makes them feel campy, exuberant, alive. A Dutch filmmaker endlessly… » 2/11/14 6:25pm 2/11/14 6:25pm

Excellence, Not Ego: Remembering The Great Philip Seymour Hoffman

What surprised me the most when I heard the news of Phillip Seymour Hoffman's death was that his passing ran so counter to the reputation he had earned over his 25 years as an actor. Dependable, intelligent, consistently remarkable: These are the qualities we had come to associate with Hoffman's work. His death at the… » 2/03/14 12:03pm 2/03/14 12:03pm

The 10 Movies I'm Most Excited To See At Sundance 2014

The Sundance Film Festival, which gets underway Thursday, is divided into lots of different sections. (For instance, there's the U.S. Dramatic Competition, the World Cinema Dramatic Competition, the U.S. and World Cinema documentary sections, and the Midnight films.) But for most outsiders, there are really two… » 1/15/14 6:25pm 1/15/14 6:25pm

The Grierson & Leitch Best Films of 2013: Nos. 5-1

It's the final week of 2013, so we're wrapping the year up the way movie people are supposed to wrap the year up: Lists! Friday, we each gave our five worst films of 2013. Yesterday, we each counted down our No. 6-10 best movies of the year. Today, we finish off with our top fives. » 12/31/13 3:27pm 12/31/13 3:27pm

The Grierson & Leitch Best Films of 2013: Nos. 10-6

It's the final week of 2013, so we're wrapping the year up the way movie people are supposed to wrap the year up: Lists! Friday, we each gave our five worst movies of 2013. Today, we each count down our No. 6-10 best movies of the year, and tomorrow, we finish off with each of our top five. » 12/30/13 5:52pm 12/30/13 5:52pm

The Worst Films Of 2013

Yes, many people are already writing their Top 10 movie lists for 2013. We're saving ours for the last week of the year. While we wait for this terrific movie year to wind down, we're going to start looking back at some highlights. Today, it's the five worst films each of us saw this year, in alphabetical order.… » 12/27/13 4:06pm 12/27/13 4:06pm

Why That Dumb AIDS Tweet Was So Captivating

Will Leitch, senior writer at Sports On Earth and founder of Deadspin, is doing his yearly fill-in for Drew Magary on today's Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jamboroo. (Here is 2011's version, and here's 2012's.) Leitch has written four books. Find more of his business at his Twitter feed. » 12/26/13 2:20pm 12/26/13 2:20pm