Here's how gross apocalypse emergency food rations are

Televangelists like Jim Bakker are basically scam artists who feed on implanting people with fear and profiting off that fear. Bakker, for example, is notorious for shilling his buckets of survivalist food that costs hundreds of dollars and last 20 years (just in time for the world to end!). But how does that food… »11/05/15 3:58pm11/05/15 3:58pm

Take Your First Good Look At Jason Pierre-Paul's Mangled Hand

Jason Pierre-Paul has finally returned to the New York Giants, a few months after blowing apart his right hand in a fireworks mishap. Now that he’s under contract, JPP doesn’t have to be shy about his injury, so he let an AP photographer snap some photos when he met with the media today. The guy’s hand is pretty… »10/30/15 3:43pm10/30/15 3:43pm

Arkansas Wide Receiver Suffers Horrific Injury, Somehow Walks It Off [GRAPHIC]

We’re loath to attribute “toughness” as an unquestioned positive attribute in football players, given it was attached for decades to guys who suffered brain injuries and stayed in games. But is there any other way to describe Jared Cornelius? The Arkansas wide receiver suffered what appears to be a completely broken… »9/19/15 9:07pm9/19/15 9:07pm

Let's Try Joy Of Cooking's Worst Recipes. First Up: Quick Fish Loaf

I like to eat. Most of you do, too, I’m fairly sure, because I’ve seen you all doing it out at restaurants and in front of, behind, or under food trucks, and I daresay you looked quite pleased with yourselves. But due to the finite geometry of intestines and other guts, as well as the unwelcome but omnipresent… »5/11/15 11:26am5/11/15 11:26am

The Rockets And Clippers Tried To Murder The Playoffs 

If you were to take just a cursory glance at the box score from Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals, you might think that a decent game was played. “This was a pretty high scoring game, that’s neat!” or, “Blake Griffin had a triple-double, that’s also neat!” or, “The score was close late into the fourth… »5/05/15 11:46am5/05/15 11:46am