Women's Tennis Is Creating A Grunt-O-Meter

In an effort to address the sport's most overheated and overrated controversy, the Women's Tennis Association is introducing some sort of preposterous grunt-o-meter. Here's USA Today's Doug Robson on what the WTA will be rolling out: » 6/26/12 1:15pm 6/26/12 1:15pm

In Australia, Physical Exertion Must Be Silent

The art of the tennis grunt is a delicate one. You want to get across the gutteral utterance, the growl, while still seeming, you know, kind of feminine. Think more of a howl than, say, a Howard Dean "yeagggghhhh!" But it's just part of the sport, you know? It makes tennis more fun. But not in Australia. » 2/26/08 4:30pm 2/26/08 4:30pm

Please, Sir, Keep The Gutteral Utterances To Yourself

This is Al Argibay, and he has a goatee and, we presume, walks around making this arm motion all day. And he's pissed, because he was just thrown out of his gym for grunting too loud. » 11/02/06 3:15pm 11/02/06 3:15pm