Here Is a 99-Page Guide to One Highly Organized Australian Man's Dick

There once was a ripped, huge-dicked, extremely attentive, highly organized young man from Australia who was frightfully eager to find the woman of his dreams (within a 50 km radius of his home). To that end, he drafted a 99 page guide (to himself, his life, his future wife; his quirks, his tics, his eleven-inch dick;… »8/01/13 2:10pm8/01/13 2:10pm


Designated Shitters: Help Deadspin Plumb The Secrets Of MLB Restrooms

From Fenway to Camden Yards to Marlins Park, baseball is defined by the built environment. We've already surveyed the big picture. Now it's time to explore the depths. We're looking for photos and stories to build an online guide to the restrooms of Major League Baseball—the Yelp of plop, you might say—starting with… »4/04/12 12:22pm4/04/12 12:22pm

Deadspin's Better-Late-Than-Never Guide To The FA Cup

The FA Cup is quite possibly the world's coolest sporting competition. Think Hoosiers, but soccer, in England, with 763 teams. Every accredited soccer team in England—from pub teams (read: beer league) all the way up to the best Premier League clubs—enters the tournament. The small clubs play six rounds of qualifying… »2/18/12 7:00am2/18/12 7:00am