Brewers' Racing Sausage Thieves Took Their Prize On A Boozy Bender

More details about the recent theft of Guido the Italian Sausage have emerged, and they come courtesy of those who carried out the heist. Ted Berg of USA Today Sports received a message from the sausage thieves, and under the condition of maintaining their anonymity, they told him all about the great sausage heist of… »2/28/13 5:55pm2/28/13 5:55pm


A Hero Emerges In The Milwaukee Racing Sausage-Napping [UPDATE]

We told you earlier today about the theft of beloved Brewers Italian racing sausage, Guido. The whereabouts of Guido and his thieving conspirators—it's got to be at least a two-man job at this point—remain a mystery. Their days may be numbered however thanks to one brave woman's plan: free mustard. »2/27/13 8:30pm2/27/13 8:30pm

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