Guinness Is Struggling, And This Gimmicky New IPA Won't Save It

If you came of drinking age in a certain era, Guinness Draught was quite likely the first good beer you ever had. As recently as a decade ago, it was common to walk into a middle-of-the-road American bar and be confronted with a tap list featuring Shit, Shit Light, Shit Ice, Lemon-Lime Shit, Cider Shit If You’re… »11/13/15 3:23pm11/13/15 3:23pm


Guinness Blonde American Lager Is Pandering To You, Badly

Guinness occupies its own weird niche in the beer world. It's owned by a gigantic international corporation (London-based Diageo) and is contract brewed in dozens of factories around the world, making it only nominally Irish, and not at all crafty or artisanal. Yet the brand's flagship stout is still very good,… »11/10/14 11:37am11/10/14 11:37am