Gus Johnson Has A Sense Of Humor About His Failed Stint Announcing Soccer

When Fox won the rights to broadcast the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, they embarked on an ambitious plan: Gus Johnson—the broadcaster mostly known for his Gusgasms during March Madness—would be their lead announcer. He started announcing some MLS games, and then Fox threw him directly into the fire and had him call… »10/29/15 10:50pm10/29/15 10:50pm

Gus Johnson Will Be The Voice Of Soccer, Even If He Has To Ruin The Champions League To Get There

Goal-line technology? FIFA corruption? Landon Donovan’s magical mystery tour? America's biggest soccer controversy is, unexpectedly, Gus Johnson. Upon the announcement that Fox would use Screamin’ Gus as its lead announcer for the 2018 World Cup, public reaction sorted itself into two extremist camps. Depending on… »4/03/13 12:26pm4/03/13 12:26pm

Is America Ready For Gus Johnson, Soccer Announcer?

Last spring, Gus Johnson showed up in the unlikeliest of places. Less than a year removed from parting ways with CBS and joining Fox, Johnson was decidedly out of his comfort zone. A familiar voice over college hoops, and with Fox the NFL and college football, here was Johnson, on the radio, calling games for MLS's… »2/05/13 1:55pm2/05/13 1:55pm

Here's Gus Johnson Calling The San Jose Earthquakes' Exciting Last-Second Win

We heard last week from our friends at Awful Announcing that excitable announcer Gus Johnson had picked up the strange gig of calling MLS games on radio for the San Jose Earthquakes. We tuned in tonight, and were not disappointed. While our emeritus editor Will Leitch has concluded that Johnson's become a terrible… »4/28/12 10:00pm4/28/12 10:00pm

Jeff Duckworth's Catch In The Big 10 Title Game Sparked A Gusgasm

Gus Johnson took some deserved criticism Friday night when he desperately tried to convince viewers UCLA still had a chance to upset Oregon late in the Ducks' 49-31 blowout of the Bruins, but fans of the spirited FOX announcer quickly came back on board when this Jeff Duckworth catch sparked one of his patented… »12/03/11 11:45pm12/03/11 11:45pm

Gus Is Gone, But His Most Famous Calls Mashed Up With Internet Memes Lives On Forever

During the 2010 playoffs, David "Crashtern" Matthews, former Deadspin staffer and current production coordinator for the Sports Show with Norm Macdonald blog, put together a tribute for our man Gus, who we learned today is "parting ways" with CBS. It is Gus calling the O.J. chase, Gus calling the infamous New Mexico… »5/05/11 6:45pm5/05/11 6:45pm

Your Tourney Day 2 Open Thread, Featuring The Debut Of Gus Johnson

The opening slate of games features Oakland-Texas, Tennessee-Michigan, Akron-Notre Dame, and George Mason-Villanova. We've been aware of a growing mini-backlash against Gus recently, so we'll lay down our official position now: he seems like a nice guy who really likes basketball, and isn't overexposed by CBS yet. So… »3/18/11 12:10pm3/18/11 12:10pm