Angry Sunderland Fans Leave In The First Half, Throw Scarf At Manager

Playing at home against the team a spot below them on the table, Sunderland had the opportunity today to put some distance between them and relegation. Instead, they went down three goals to Aston Villa in the first 37 minutes. Streams of pissed off Sunderland fans stormed out of the Stadium of Light—thousands … »3/14/15 12:51pm3/14/15 12:51pm


Brighton Manager Learns From BBC He's Been Fired While Working For BBC

Gus Poyet had been the manager for Brighton & Hove Albion for over three years when he was suspended following the club's loss to Crystal Palace in mid-May. Today, Poyet learned he was officially fired when BBC producers printed out a press release from the team announcing the decision and it was read aloud for him… »6/23/13 5:26pm6/23/13 5:26pm