Smash Mouth Singer Flips Shit; Band Just Wants To Play "All Star"

Remember how when the Titanic sunk, the band kept playing on the deck so the passengers wouldn’t completely lose it as the ship went down? This video is sort of like that. In it, you see Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell flip his shit as the crowd hassles him and pelts him with crumbs of bread. But the band, which… »6/15/15 11:34am6/15/15 11:34am


This Courtroom Sketch Of Guy Fieri Is Just Delightful

Somebody stole Guy Fieri's car and then (allegedly) attempted to murder someone. Guy had to testify in court. Someone else had to draw a picture of it. And now the horror of murder (and the lesser horror of auto theft) has been mitigated ever so slightly, by the most wonderful illustration of all time. »11/01/13 12:45pm11/01/13 12:45pm

Awful Person Pays $100,000 To Be Guy Fieri's Pretend Friend

Let it never be said that hedge-fund billionaire Steven A. Cohen has an eye for a bargain: The poor bastard paid a hundred grand to go on a day-long playdate with Guy Fieri, when, for the same net effect, he could have dropped maybe $25 for a sandwich-board and enough red paint to scrawl "I AM A SAD LONELY LOSER WITH… »10/21/13 10:59am10/21/13 10:59am

It's Not OK To Be Shitty: Guy Fieri, BuzzFeed, And The Tyranny Of Stupid Popular Things

Will Leitch, contributing editor at New York Magazine, "media" columnist for Sports on Earth, and editor emeritus of Deadspin, is filling in for Drew Magary on today's Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jamboroo. Leitch has written four books. Find more of his business at his Twitter feed. »12/27/12 3:10pm12/27/12 3:10pm