Hail Mary Play Works Right Up Until The Runner Goes Out Of Bounds

Abilene Christian is in its first year playing NCAA Division I football, and as an FCS independent the Wildcats are feeding from the bottom of the bottom of the "big time" college football food chain. Despite that, they had a chance to knock off FBS team New Mexico State tonight, & came within a few yards of doing it. »10/26/13 11:44pm10/26/13 11:44pm

Buffalo Brought The MACtion As They Ended The First Half Against Kent Tonight With A 46-Yard Hail Mary TD

Wednesday nights belong to the MAC, as any college football degenerate knows, and while the scoring of tonight's Kent-Buffalo matchup hasn't yet reached levels of, say, last year's NIU-Toledo game, the MACtion is alive and well. Just ask Alex Neutz, the Bulls receiver who hauled in this 46-yard hail mary from Alex… »9/19/12 9:20pm9/19/12 9:20pm

The Broncos Will Sit Peyton Manning When They Need To Throw The Ball A Long Way

Broncos backup QB Brock Osweiler was getting loose on the sideline late in their loss to Atlanta. If Denver could make a defensive stand, they would have received a punt deep in their own territory with just seconds remaining. Enough left for a Hail Mary, but Hail Mary time isn't Peyton Manning time. »9/19/12 11:05am9/19/12 11:05am

Michigan State Beat Wisconsin Last Night On A Game-Ending Hail Mary TD Pass (Video)

Keith Nichol caught a throw from Kirk Cousins on the game's final play, but it was ruled a touchdown only after a replay review determined that Nichol did, in fact, cross the goal line with the ball. Cousins-Nichol thus gets added to Doug Flutie-Gerard Phelan and Kordell Stewart-Michael Westbrook in college… »10/23/11 10:45am10/23/11 10:45am