75-Yard Miracle Play Ruined By Failed Two-Point Conversion

This is perhaps the greatest college football play any of us have ever seen, and it was all for naught as Central Michigan went for two, and a 36-point comeback, and failed. CMU was down 49-14 at one point, and this play left the final 49-48—again, because they went for the win and didn't get it. » 12/24/14 3:47pm 12/24/14 3:47pm

Nebraska Beats Northwestern 27-24 On 49-Yard Hail Mary

It was shaping up to be the worst week ever for the Pelini family since that time the Youngstown Slovak Club ran out of pierogi. Then Cornhuskers quarterback Ron Kellogg III threw a tip-drill Hail Mary completion from midfield to steal victory away from the Northwestern Wildcats on the last play of the game. » 11/02/13 7:32pm 11/02/13 7:32pm

Hail Mary Play Works Right Up Until The Runner Goes Out Of Bounds

Abilene Christian is in its first year playing NCAA Division I football, and as an FCS independent the Wildcats are feeding from the bottom of the bottom of the "big time" college football food chain. Despite that, they had a chance to knock off FBS team New Mexico State tonight, & came within a few yards of doing it. » 10/26/13 11:44pm 10/26/13 11:44pm

Buffalo Brought The MACtion As They Ended The First Half Against Kent Tonight With A 46-Yard Hail Mary TD

Wednesday nights belong to the MAC, as any college football degenerate knows, and while the scoring of tonight's Kent-Buffalo matchup hasn't yet reached levels of, say, last year's NIU-Toledo game, the MACtion is alive and well. Just ask Alex Neutz, the Bulls receiver who hauled in this 46-yard hail mary from Alex… » 9/19/12 9:20pm 9/19/12 9:20pm

The Broncos Will Sit Peyton Manning When They Need To Throw The Ball A Long Way

Broncos backup QB Brock Osweiler was getting loose on the sideline late in their loss to Atlanta. If Denver could make a defensive stand, they would have received a punt deep in their own territory with just seconds remaining. Enough left for a Hail Mary, but Hail Mary time isn't Peyton Manning time. » 9/19/12 11:05am 9/19/12 11:05am

Michigan State Beat Wisconsin Last Night On A Game-Ending Hail Mary TD Pass (Video)

Keith Nichol caught a throw from Kirk Cousins on the game's final play, but it was ruled a touchdown only after a replay review determined that Nichol did, in fact, cross the goal line with the ball. Cousins-Nichol thus gets added to Doug Flutie-Gerard Phelan and Kordell Stewart-Michael Westbrook in college… » 10/23/11 10:45am 10/23/11 10:45am