Carlos Boozer Finally Explains His Sprayed-On Hair

Carlos Boozer has had a long and successful NBA career, but if there’s one thing he’s always going to be remembered for, it’s the night he played in a nationally televised game with what looked like an entire can of shoe polish smeared all over his dome. On yesterday’s episode of Highly Questionable, Boozer finally… »10/28/15 1:21pm10/28/15 1:21pm


The Career Of Neymar, As Told Through His Glorious Hairstyles

Neymar has been a superstar-in-the-making for over five years now, mostly due to his preternatural talent that manifested itself at a young age and never stopped growing. But it's also because of the flair and passion with which he plays the game, an emotional vulnerability that always lies just beneath the surface;… »6/17/14 1:44pm6/17/14 1:44pm

Someone Ranked The Best Minnesota High School Hockey Tourney Hair

Since Minnesota loves hockey at all levels, the high school state tournaments are televised, with each kid getting at least a few seconds of camera time for the team introductions. For the past four years, a man has ranked the best hair—flow, salad, or lettuce, if you will—from those intros. It's a bit weird but… »3/09/14 11:00am3/09/14 11:00am

New Rules On Whether Your Son Must Cut His Hair To Play Sports

Forced hair cutting is a right of passage for boys all across the country. If your lax parents don't make you, your school sports team, the military, or potential employers are happy to step in and demand "clean cut" grooming. But apparently that is discriminatory against boys, because nobody requires girls to get… »2/28/14 3:15pm2/28/14 3:15pm