Gareth Bale Has Ugly Shot And Dumb Headband, Still Hits Half-Court Shots

Hm, this is a tough one. You’d think maybe Gareth Bale would flaunt going 3-of-5 in this half-court challenge thing, because damn, that’s some pretty good shooting. But then you remember what his awkward shooting motion looks like, and how goofy he looks with that headband, and you think, You know Gareth, you might… »3/31/15 1:11pm3/31/15 1:11pm


High School Coach Whose Wife Was Diagnosed With Cancer Hits Half-Court Shot For $20,000

This happened between the third and fourth quarters of last night's Lakers-Thunder game, and it's one of the best fan-makes-half-court-shot videos of the year. The fact that Heath Kufahl's perfectly executed shot is followed by everyone on the court freaking out jumping around to a Blur song makes the moment plenty… »3/06/13 3:35pm3/06/13 3:35pm

Watch Wisconsin's Ben Brust Hit A Half-Court Buzzer Beater To Get The Badgers Into Overtime In Their Win Over Michigan

Wheeee! (Is it just us, or does the P.A announcer literally say "Wheeeee" after the shot?) That's Ben Brust of Wisconsin hitting one of his four threes on the day, and getting Wisconsin into an overtime against #3-ranked Michigan. Well, formerly #3-ranked Michigan. The Badgers outscored the Wolverines 5-2 in the… »2/09/13 2:10pm2/09/13 2:10pm

The Fan Who Hit That Half-Court Shot And Got Tackled By LeBron Had The Best Night Ever

That's judging by this photo, tweeted out by Heat owner Mickey Arison the morning after 50-year old computer technician Michael Drysch hit a half-court hook shot to win $75,000 at half-time of a Heat game, and got hug-tackled by LeBron for his trouble. Arison's message: "What does one do after winning 75K & wrestling… »1/27/13 10:00am1/27/13 10:00am

This Is A Three-Quarter-Court Buzzer-Beating Dagger In Double Overtime

The final seconds of this game between Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State Dominguez Hills were enough to give a coach (or fans) a heart attack. Cal Poly hit a three with less than 9 seconds left to go up by two. Cal State then hit a three of it's own following a timeout leaving only .6 seconds on the clock. Mitchell… »2/26/12 2:23pm2/26/12 2:23pm