Mount Union Football Coaches Crush It As Pro Wrestlers For Halloween Practice

The Mount Union Purple Raiders are the best team in the history of Division III football, having won 23 straight conference titles and 11 of the past 22 national titles. One of their secrets of success, apparently, is lightening things up at practice. Enjoy the team’s coaches hamming it up as wrestling… »11/02/15 9:56pm11/02/15 9:56pm


Kirk Herbstreit Scared Shitless By Zombies

Chris Fowler played a wonderful prank on Kirk Herbstreit tonight, surprising the ESPN analyst with some characters from the Eastern State Penitentiary haunted house during halftime of tonight’s Notre Dame-Temple game. It’s the first time a zombie has been on Saturday Night Football since Eminem’s appearance. »10/31/15 10:28pm10/31/15 10:28pm

From Hosts Of Racing To Ghosts Of Racing: How These Famous Tracks Fell Into Despair

Racing has never been a cheap endeavor, and that goes for the venues that host racing as well. One day a race track can be home to cars thundering down the asphalt before thousands of cheering fans, only to turn into an abandoned, weedy eyesore when their fortunes change for the worse. These are the stories of some of… »10/31/15 3:42pm10/31/15 3:42pm

Never Sleep Again: Your Ten Best Stories of Absolute Terror

We asked and you delivered. With over 3,000 comments on this year’s Scary Story contest, this year’s submitters brought their best—sharing hair-raising, spine-tingling tales that were so scary that certain Jezebel writers were forced to sleep with their lights on. These are the ten most terrifying. »10/30/15 6:30pm10/30/15 6:30pm

Kyle Walker Freaks Out More Tottenham Players With Halloween Prank

Kyle Walker is back as the Tottenham video team’s avatar in their seasonal effort to get the club’s players to squeal like children. Some good shrieks up there, and while Jan Vertonghen’s reaction isn’t quite as stoic as last time, his countryman Mousa Dembélé makes up for it. »10/30/15 6:06pm10/30/15 6:06pm

The Deadspin Staff's Worst Fears Are Incredibly Weird

It’s the scariest time of the year, and so we asked the Deadspin staff to get in the spirit and share their worst fears. Most of us are afraid of normal stuff like death and Bad Internet, but it turns out that we’re all babies who are also scared of very weird, very specific things, too. Please feel free to clown us… »10/30/15 5:33pm10/30/15 5:33pm

I Watched B-Movie TV For 24 Hours Straight And Didn't Survive

There comes a point in any 24-hour movie marathon when you’re bleary-eyed, you reek of jet-black coffee and unnatural foodstuffs, and you’re dreaming of nothing more than a hot shower and the soft embrace of a down comforter. You’re thinking to yourself, “Why the hell did I do this?” And you have no answer. »10/30/15 4:17pm10/30/15 4:17pm

You're Gonna Trash Your Halloween Costume, So Here's How To Clean It

On this episode of the official Ask a Clean Person podcast, The Hairpin’s Haley Mlotek joined me to talk all about the very best day of the year: Halloween! The Hairpin has a storied history of going in big for Halloween, and so it was such a joy to have Haley join me in the studio to talk about cleaning costumes that… »10/30/15 1:37pm10/30/15 1:37pm

My Sleepless Night Alone at the Allegedly Haunted Lizzie Borden B&B

I’m covered in flop sweat, my hands are shaking, and an itchy flush in my cheeks hints that tears are just moments away. While the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast is a mere 20 miles from the Providence Amtrak station, I’ve been lost for 30 minutes and it feels like a bad sign. »10/27/15 4:33pm10/27/15 4:33pm

Tell Us Your Real-Life Horror And Ghost Stories

There’s a ghost story a friend’s father told me once that still freaks me out a little bit. Even as an adult. The story goes that one night, a few weeks after his mother died, he woke up to their dog barking uncontrollably. He got up and walked down the hallway to see what was wrong, and much to his shock, saw the… »10/23/15 2:07pm10/23/15 2:07pm

The Best Stores to Buy Any Type of Halloween Candy

I’ve never really lived in a neighborhood that drew a lot of Trick-or-Treaters, but that doesn’t keep me from buying Halloween candy. Obviously, this is a task I take very seriously because, even if zero children visit my house, I want to get the as much delicious, seasonal sugar as I can for my money. »10/16/15 11:50am10/16/15 11:50am