You're Gonna Trash Your Halloween Costume, So Here's How To Clean It

On this episode of the official Ask a Clean Person podcast, The Hairpin’s Haley Mlotek joined me to talk all about the very best day of the year: Halloween! The Hairpin has a storied history of going in big for Halloween, and so it was such a joy to have Haley join me in the studio to talk about cleaning costumes that… »10/30/15 1:37pm10/30/15 1:37pm

And Now, Your Worst Halloween Costume Stories

We were living in Chicago when I was six, and I chose to be a ghost for Halloween. I made the costume myself, because cutting two holes in a sheet seems like an easy task. Of course, I had to cut a third eyehole, because my first two were off-alignment. I also failed to consider the fact that a ghost costume has… »10/31/14 11:37am10/31/14 11:37am

The Hater’s Guide To Your Local Halloween Store

Every year, when October rolls around, some enterprising fellow in my area rents out an abandoned Dollar Tree and turns it into a pop-up Halloween Megastore, resplendent with costumes and decorations and fitting rooms that almost certainly now house the Ebola virus. Almost everything in these stores costs $30 or… »10/23/14 3:04pm10/23/14 3:04pm