That's Not How Fighting Works, UFC Game 

Destiny Needs More Peter Dinklage, Less Of Everything Else

My beloved Oakland A's are shitting the bed. One minute they're the toast of baseball— with the game's best record, its highest run differential, its best pitching staff—and the next they look like the Washington Generals, playing well under .500 ball since the All-Star break and struggling now to even limp into the… » 9/24/14 2:33pm 9/24/14 2:33pm

Redick And Morrison, Reunited And It Feels So Good

"Remember when they cried in college? Remember when they played Halo against each other? They were like Magic and Bird in college, except that they weren't in any way." Redick scored seven points in the conference finals. Morrison hasn't played since April 14. Guess that settles SI's cover question! [ElitesTV] » 6/01/09 2:15pm 6/01/09 2:15pm