Queering In The Press Box

Michael Silver: "By midway through the third quarter ... I was ready to take the Atlanta Falcons quarterback up to Gavin Newsom's box on the west side of the stadium and ask the San Francisco mayor to marry us." [Yahoo!] » 10/12/09 5:00pm 10/12/09 5:00pm

Jay Mariotti Thinks USC’s Freshman QB Is Totally Cute

It's not uncommon for sportswriters to have man-crushes on athletes, but when you lead with this Freudian slip, you're bound to raise some eyebrows: "The afternoon sun was orgasmic. … Yet nothing was more radiant than Matt Barkley's smile." » 9/08/09 10:30am 9/08/09 10:30am

Smokin' Jay: Cutler Sure Does Clean Up Nicely

Judging by this month's Michigan Avenue Magazine, the new Bears quarterback wants to mount a serious challenge to Matt Ryan as the best-looking ball-slinger in the NFL. What else is he saying with these hot new looks? » 9/02/09 2:45pm 9/02/09 2:45pm

Matt Ryan Is A Handsome Man, Science Proves

The screeching teenyboppers at the Wall Street Journal bring word that Matt Ryan is the most knee-meltingly dreamy quarterback in the NFL. It's true because science says so. And believe it or not, this actually sort of matters. » 9/01/09 1:00pm 9/01/09 1:00pm