How To Deal With A Hangover At Work 

When you’re drinking on a weeknight, you never think you’re going to drink to the point of having a horrid hangover the next day. So, you agree to happy hour... with the promise to yourself that you’ll only drink a very responsible two drinks and then leave the bar. After your third, you swear you’ll stay for just one… »8/26/15 12:36pm8/26/15 12:36pm


The Science Of Hangovers: Causes, Cures, And Prevention

There's a good chance you're going to have a couple too many drinks tonight. And that means you're going to spend tomorrow, National Hangover Day, in bed, miserable, praying to a god who won't answer for a death that won't come. Here's Dr. Matt McCarthy on the science of hangovers, and with a few tips to prevent them. »12/31/13 3:04pm12/31/13 3:04pm

The Science Of Hangovers: Causes, Cures, And Prevention

This is one of the first rivalry weekends of the college football season, and I'll be spending it in New Haven, Connecticut, for what is perhaps the nadir of intercollegiate gridiron competition: the Harvard/Yale game. Inside the stadium, the future business leaders of America will strap on the pads and play what is… »11/22/13 5:01pm11/22/13 5:01pm