American Diplomat Calls Ahmadinejad The "George Steinbrenner Of Iran"

In a State Department document released by Wikileaks, an American diplomat is credited with referring to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the "George Steinbrenner of Iran." The official was referring, of course, to Ahmadinejad's dealings with the country's national soccer team, and his attempt "to use the popularity of Team… » 3/04/11 1:00pm 3/04/11 1:00pm

Hank Steinbrenner's Picking Verbal Fights With Everyone Now

It truly is admirable the way that the son of George Steinbrenner is distancing himself from his father in an attempt to look like his own man. After all, Hank Stein's tirades as of late have created an entirely different yet equally powerful fiefdom of crazy. He's railed against Red Sox Nation, the Toledo Mud Hens… » 3/16/08 12:40pm 3/16/08 12:40pm

Yankees-Red Sox Feud Reaches Depths Of A Free Hat

If you haven't been paying attention to Hank "Raul Castro" Steinbrenner's words about the Red Sox in the last few days, congratulations! You're officially aware of the 28 other teams of the league. » 3/02/08 1:40pm 3/02/08 1:40pm

Not What a bitch. Steinbrenner would do well to counter this gift basket move with a charitable gambit of his own: a…