Shin-Soo Choo Twice Falls For Dodgers’ Fakery On One Play

It's not every day that a single to center with a man on first results in that baserunner being thrown out at second. But during a hit and run from last night, the Reds' Shin-Soo Choo has no idea where the ball is. Why? Because the Dodgers' Skip Schumaker and Hanley Ramirez completely fool the shit out of him. » 7/26/13 5:43pm 7/26/13 5:43pm

Woeful LA Dodgers Need More Of Wild-Pitch Walk-Off Hero Schumaker

Once again Friday night the Dodgers proved they can still fog a mirror. They got a game-tying homer in the sixth from the suddenly incomparable Yasiel Puig (who became just the second player since 1900 to bang out four home runs in his first five major league games) and then the winning run, on a wild pitch, by Skip… » 6/08/13 1:30pm 6/08/13 1:30pm

Hanley Ramirez Is The Latest Star To Get Injured In The WBC

The Dominican Republic beat Puerto Rico 3-0 last night, to become the first non-Japanese team to win the World Baseball Classic. That's great for them (these fans sure were pleased), but the regular season is 11 days away, and yet another MLB star could find himself on the shelf come the games that matter. » 3/20/13 11:37am 3/20/13 11:37am

The Miami Marlins Are Getting The Bad Season They Deserve

Having now traded away infielder and former franchise cornerstone Hanley Ramirez, second baseman Omar Infante, and starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez, it appears that the Miami Marlins are in full fire-sale mode. This impression is further compounded by Josh Johnson's rumored residence on the trading block. » 7/25/12 2:15pm 7/25/12 2:15pm

Hanley Ramirez Does Most Hanley Ramirez Thing Ever, Takes A 30.3…

According to Baseball Prospectus, which is home to the wonderful Tater Trot Tracker, Marlins third baseman Hanley Ramirez—no stranger to taking his time on the diamond—took one of the longest home run trots in history on July 1st. It took Ramirez 30.3 seconds to make it around the bases, which is only the second… » 7/04/12 2:12pm 7/04/12 2:12pm

Hanley Ramirez Has Made The Best (And Only) Spanish-Language Powerade…

Lots of us have probably taunted Hanley Ramirez. He ruined fantasy teams (and, to some extent, the Marlins) in 2011, he porked up, he bungled balls in the field. But like any vengeful young man, he has waited six months and found revenge in a Spanish-language advertisement for a slightly downmarket sports drink. » 2/10/12 12:40pm 2/10/12 12:40pm

Jack McKeon Has Had A Very Jack McKeon Couple Of Days

And it was a thing of beauty to watch, for fans who view coaches as interesting or influential as any athlete. Even if they're 80 years old and are baseball's Winston Wolf, just waiting for the call to clean up someone else's mess. » 6/22/11 12:35pm 6/22/11 12:35pm