Surfer Twatster Hannah Cornett Will Catch Those Who Distributed Her Facebook Updates, Facebook Status Says

We haven't heard from our girl in a while, since she's been very reluctant to contact us, except through her attorney, of course. Some good news to report from her dizzy little world: whatever treacherous online ordeal she feels she's endured since our first story ran, she's now got the swift arm of justice on her… »10/13/11 8:05pm10/13/11 8:05pm


The Surfer Grifter Surfaces, Hires Attorney, Threatens Lawsuit, Etc.

And...exhale. Not-so-pro surfer Hannah Cornett has retained the services of a Beverly Hills attorney named Michael Kernan to pull together a sloppy cease-and-desist letter to James Alesi (credit card sucker) and A.J. Daulerio (me!), accusing us of "libel, false claims, negligent misrepresentation" and whatever other… »9/23/11 3:55pm9/23/11 3:55pm

Surfer Grifter Hits The Red Carpet At The Emmys, Possibly Responds To Allegations, Continues To Lie

The weird tale of Hannah Cornett has taken a turn for the weirder. After a brief Twitter meltdown last Thursday, in which she posed as James Alesi, the New York real estate broker who'd accused her of running up $20K in charges on his credit card at a Las Vegas hotel, she fell silent. Then, on Sunday night, she posted… »9/20/11 3:00pm9/20/11 3:00pm

The Surfer Grifter: The Weird Tale Of Hannah Cornett And Her $20K Vegas Hotel Bill (UPDATE)

The name on the hotel room at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas was Hanna Cornett. Sometimes she goes by Hannah, with two H's. Her Wikipedia page describes her as a "professional actor, surfer, and model." Her age is usually given as 29, but she's two years older than that. According to some of her online CVs, she's also… »9/15/11 10:00am9/15/11 10:00am