Rich Eisen, Hannah Storm, & Others React Live To Stuart Scott's Death

Our media criticism in these parts often accuses television of being so lacking in basic sensibility that it has become post-human. Stuart Scott's death at 49 prompted a reminder that, yes, these are real people on TV; there's no more accurate a depiction of this than the tentative and often fragile on-air reactions… » 1/04/15 11:06am 1/04/15 11:06am

ESPN's Hannah Storm: "What Exactly Does The NFL Stand For?"

ESPN anchor Hannah Storm signed off this morning's SportsCenter with thoughts on covering the NFL and their handling of Ray Rice, and essentially questioned if the league she enjoys actually cares about female fans, families, or the issue of domestic violence. » 9/14/14 10:50am 9/14/14 10:50am

Here's Hannah Storm Anchoring SportsCenter In Spanish On ESPN Deportes

It's "Ladies Week" on ESPN Deportes (yes, "Ladies Week," as opposed to "Semana De Las Señoras") and tonight's SportsCenter features all-female hosts/hostesses. One of the presenters? The awesome Hannah Storm, from "real" ESPN. » 10/08/13 12:12am 10/08/13 12:12am

An ESPN Blunder Let Viewers Eavesdrop On Hannah Storm And Mark…

It's no secret the Worldwide Leader loves all things Tebow. We didn't expect to find the Jets "quarterback" to be a topic of off-camera discussion by ESPN talent, though, as appears to be the case when a director cut from a live Colin Kaepernick media day presser to Hannah Storm and Mark Schlereth casually… » 1/29/13 12:05pm 1/29/13 12:05pm

Here's What Hannah Storm Looked Like After Her Gas Grill Exploded In…

On Monday we learned why Hannah Storm had been off the air for three weeks: her propane grill blew up in her face, a "wall of fire" that burned off half her hair and left her with second degree burns on her hands, chest, and face. » 1/02/13 12:25pm 1/02/13 12:25pm

Hannah Storm Lost Her Eyebrows, Eyelashes, And Half Her Hair After Her…

Yack. SportsCenter's Hannah Storm suffered through a horrible accident three weeks ago after her propane gas grill exploded at home. She is, amazingly, returning to the air tomorrow for ABC's coverage of the Rose Parade. » 12/31/12 2:13pm 12/31/12 2:13pm

Josh Elliott Reluctantly Submits To An Interview With Us Before His…

Some of you may know Josh Elliott as the soon-to-be former co-anchor of ESPN's morning "SportsCenter". Some of you may not know him at all. If you were not familiar with his work along side Hannah Storm, you missed out. We had no idea he read our site. We really appreciate him taking the time on his last day to give… » 4/15/11 7:20pm 4/15/11 7:20pm

SportsCenter Anchors Celebrate Eric Mangini Getting Fired

We know it's exciting that the Mangenius is gone in Cleveland, but that's no reason for Hannah Storm and Adam Schefter to high-five over it. They quickly apologized, but still: high-five! » 1/03/11 12:15pm 1/03/11 12:15pm

The People Have Spoken, And They Have Said, "Hannah Storm Always…

Click to view Last night, Hannah Storm was on hand for Heat-Celtics game coverage and wore a dress and boots. Hannah Storm wears dresses and boots quite often, but it led to an assortment of heavy-breathing on Twitter. » 10/27/10 6:05pm 10/27/10 6:05pm

SportsCenter First Is A Milestone For Attractive, Well-Dressed Female…

At noon today, two female SportsCenter anchors handed the baton off to two other women, a first in the show's long history. Truly this is a monumental day in the long struggle for women's rights. » 9/28/10 4:05pm 9/28/10 4:05pm

Today In Sportscenter Fashion: Now Showing — Hannah And Her Sisters

In which we examine the occasionally controversial wardrobe choices on everyone's favorite morning serial. In this installment, Hannah Storm. » 4/06/10 1:30pm 4/06/10 1:30pm

Today In SportsCenter Fashion: Hannah's Demure, But What Is That On…

In which we examine the occasionally controversial wardrobe choices on everyone's favorite morning serial. In this installment, Hannah Storm and Josh Elliott. » 3/03/10 1:30pm 3/03/10 1:30pm

Great Moments In Tony Kornheiser Being Kind Of A Dick (UPDATE)

Kornheiser may well have been railroaded by whichever members of ESPN's high court also serve on Chris Berman's bowling team, but I think we can all agree on one thing: T.K. is a man who has richly earned his railroading. » 2/24/10 4:50pm 2/24/10 4:50pm

Kornheiser Gets Two-Week Suspension For On-Air Comments, And Other…

ESPN's John Skipper responded to the suspension of Tony Kornheiser, but there's more to the story than the press release shipped out of Bristol. Observe. » 2/23/10 7:14pm 2/23/10 7:14pm

ESPN's Tony Kornheiser Suspension — More About Chris Berman?

As The Big Lead reported, Tony Kornheiser received a short suspension for his comments made last week about Hannah Storm's wardrobe. But there were other remarks made that day that really irked his royal Norbyness. » 2/23/10 2:50pm 2/23/10 2:50pm

Knee-High Boots Can Still Be Found On SportsCenter Set

The fiery red may have inflamed too many passions, but paired with a sensible skirt the kicks are still considered an appropriate compliment to Nets highlights. Duly noted. » 2/22/10 3:25pm 2/22/10 3:25pm