Moneyballhawking: Happy Youngster And Friends Go All Sabermetricky

This web site right here is where the dorkwads of ballhawking and the geekwads of baseball stats meet and do a Vulcan salute. There's enough nerdiness here to power 10 Strat-O-Matic leagues and a new season of Battlestar Galactica. » 7/30/09 11:00am 7/30/09 11:00am

Ballhawks Ruining It For The Rest Of Us

You see them at every baseball game. The obsessive geeks who stake out batting practice and clamor over beautiful girls just to get random fly balls from third-string catchers. But now they're refining their tactics and upping their demands. » 7/08/09 11:45am 7/08/09 11:45am

Brewers Fans Want Everyone To Know They Don't Like The Happy Youngster, …

Brewers Nation has taken to the blogs to distance itself from The Happy Youngster, the entrepreneurial ballhawk and walking object lesson about the perils of being a self-branded public idiot. Amazingly, Matt Vasgersian is involved! » 5/18/09 2:30pm 5/18/09 2:30pm