Rex Ryan Retroactively Guarantees Super Bowl Rings For Team He Never Coached

It has been a watershed week for coach fights in the NFL. First, of course, there was the Great Handshake Showdown Of Oh-Eleven at Ford Field on Sunday evening, when two grown men disagreed about the proper way to deliver post-game handshakes and resorted to standing around grimacing at each other amongst their… »10/20/11 2:15pm10/20/11 2:15pm

Hey, Mike Florio, Chuck Noll Was Not Above Confronting Another Coach During A Postgame Handshake, Either

Here's Florio, on Schwartz-Harbaugh: "Not that long ago, all coaches exuded a sense of dignity toward the game and respect toward each other. From Tom Landry to Chuck Noll to Bud Grant to John Madden to Don Shula, coaches didn't treat each other like opponents in the main event of the next pro wrestling… »10/17/11 3:40pm10/17/11 3:40pm

Jim Harbaugh Was Still Fired Up After His Skirmish With Jim Schwartz Yesterday

Yesterday, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh untucked his shirt, chest-bumped a lineman, and then shook hands with losing coach Jim Schwartz. Then he (allegedly) yelled "Fuck you!" or "Fuck yeah!" at Schwartz as he ran away and towards the tunnel, which is (allegedly) what set off the Lions coach and led to this awkward… »10/17/11 3:10pm10/17/11 3:10pm