Harold Reynolds Announces Revolutionary Findings In Physics

As Yasiel Puig and Josh Hamilton recently found out, sliding into first base is a dumb idea. It is, first, a good way to get hurt, and also everyone knows that it doesn't get you to the bag any faster, because the gains you make by getting closer to the bag are canceled out by negative acceleration and friction. What… » 4/11/14 1:39pm 4/11/14 1:39pm

Those MLB Net Guys Have All The Fun: Eric Byrnes Jacks Up Harold…

The fun starts 25 seconds in, when Harold Reynolds takes to a stool on MLB Net's giant Secaucus field of dreams. Byrnes is there to explain what Rockies left fielder Charlie Blackmon should have done to the nuisances in the Cubs bullpen who obstructed him on a pop-up. Reynolds is his prop. Byrnes blindsides him like » 6/29/11 5:05pm 6/29/11 5:05pm

The "Harold Reynolds Spring Break Story" Gets A Little More Clear

We still don't know who's telling the whole truth: the drunk kid who allegedly barged into Harold Reynolds' hotel room, or the MLB analyst. To help add detail, one former ESPN employee shares his HR experience from Disney World 1999. » 3/30/10 7:30pm 3/30/10 7:30pm

The "Harold Reynolds Spring Break Story" Just Won't Die

Although Harold Reynolds summoned the MLB PR department to flatly deny he was ever in Disney World over Spring Break and drunkenly intruded upon by a hapless young man, other people say HR is lying. They sent along this photo. » 3/29/10 7:30pm 3/29/10 7:30pm

Harold Reynolds Contemplates Inappropriate Use Of His Hands Again

Harold Reynolds and Steve Phillips are two professional baseball guys who professionally talk about baseball for a living. One of them thinks the other one is an idiot and would maybe like to take the back of his hand and show that other one what's what. The place: The Tampa Bay ESPN 1040's "THE KILLER B'S" Marc Benarzyk … » 10/27/08 3:00pm 10/27/08 3:00pm

Hey Kids! Look Who's Back!

Has it really been two years since Harold Reynolds was jettisoned from the ESPN Star Destroyer? It's been a long, strange trip over that span — including many skirmishes with the WWL, and a coveted Deadspin SHOTY nomination with us — but now our man is finally back on national TV. TBS brought him on board as a studio… » 7/02/08 10:00am 7/02/08 10:00am

Reynolds, ESPN Deny Us What Could Have Been A Beautiful Trial

It might seem strange to imagine now, but for about three days back in July 2006, the words "Harold Reynolds" were the most commonly searched terms on the Web. This was back during the time that ESPN would pretend the world didn't deserve to know about its personnel issues, before they showed the sure hand of public… » 4/16/08 10:00am 4/16/08 10:00am

ESPN Is Just CRAWLING With Sexual Harassers

On his radio show Friday, ESPN fella Dan LeBatard, because he's out in Miami and apparently no one in Bristol listens out there, had a few choice words to say about the Woody Paige, "Cold Pizza" sexual harassment case. He called ESPN "filled with sexual harassment" and said "it's actually funny." And we agree: It is! » 7/02/07 2:50pm 7/02/07 2:50pm

Our Interview With Harold Reynolds

Friday afternoon, we accepted an invitation to MLB.com's offices in Manhattan for an interview with ... Harold Reynolds. This is the first SHOTY nominee we've interviewed — save for the imaginary conversations with Barbaro that go on in our head every day — and we talked for about an hour on a variety of topics, most… » 6/18/07 2:00pm 6/18/07 2:00pm