Harrison Barnes Dunks On Dwight Howard, Everyone Freaks Out

Harrison Barnes has a habit of pummeling centers on big dunks like this one here. He laid down a real hammer over Nikola Pekovic of all people a few years ago, and is generally fearless about challenging big guys in the paint. Our latest victim is Dwight Howard, who got caught in that unenviable no-man’s land between… »10/31/15 10:49am10/31/15 10:49am


Harrison Barnes Forces Revision To The Definition Of A Shabazz Assist

Last week I introduced the Shabazz Assist, a revolutionary new statistic that properly credits a player for missing dunks that "ricochet perfectly to an open teammate in the corner." But like any forefront in advanced analytics, the Shabazz Assist remains a work in progress, and in hindsight its parameters were too… »1/14/15 11:53pm1/14/15 11:53pm

Mark Jackson Returned To Oracle Arena And Threw Shade: An Explainer

The Golden State Warriors took on the discombobulated, LeBron James-less Cleveland Cavaliers last Friday and beat them soundly. Even more interesting than the game on the floor was what was happening on press row, where ESPN's Mark Jackson was working his first Warriors game since being fired as their head coach in… »1/14/15 8:35pm1/14/15 8:35pm