Harvard's Future Docs Beat Yale's Future Lawyers To Nab NCAA Bid

The Ivy League is the only D-1 conference that doesn’t have a conference tournament. But when Yale and Harvard split the season series and each finished with 11-3 conference records, a one-game playoff for the conference’s automatic bid to the NCAA tournament was in order. Needing a neutral site, the conference… »3/14/15 6:25pm3/14/15 6:25pm


Harvard Cheating Scandal Allegedly Implicates Harvard Athletes, Including Harvard's Two Best Basketball Players

Harvard University. Maybe you've heard of it. That New England party school with almost no academic standards and a win-at-all costs athletic department. You know, the one the Massholes are reduced to attending when they miss the application deadline for Fitchburg State. The go-to option for those who don't want to be… »9/11/12 3:15pm9/11/12 3:15pm

The Harvard Baseball Lip-Synch Video That's Sweeping The Nation

Suffice it to say, I had no clue who Carly Rae Jepsen was when this video started circulating a couple of days ago. Evidently, the song is called "Call Me Maybe," which I also had to look up because I hadn't ever heard it before. Our old pal Emma Carmichael called it "the new perfect pop song" back in March. And… »5/09/12 5:00pm5/09/12 5:00pm

Is Harvard Now Behaving Like Any Other College Basketball Juggernaut?

Four years ago, Pete Thamel wrote a story in the New York Times about how new Harvard coach Tommy Amaker had landed a potential recruiting class that experts ranked as one of the top 25 in the nation. How'd Harvard do it? Thamel reported that the school was considering players with lower academic standards than before… »3/13/12 6:05pm3/13/12 6:05pm

Scrappy College Basketball Team From Just Outside Of Boston Makes It Big

This is the front page of today's Boston Herald. Not the sports cover. The front page. All because Harvard got the spot in the tourney it knew it would get as of Tuesday. All Boston learned yesterday was that the Crimson would be playing Vanderbilt in Albuquerque in the first round, which is actually sort of… »3/12/12 11:30am3/12/12 11:30am

Internet, Prepare Your Wanking Motions: Harvard Prigs Talk About Team's NCAA Tourney Bid

So I went to Harvard. It was a daily challenge not to slug many of my classmates in the face. There are plenty of good people at Harvard. There are also a great many egotistical children convinced that their prattling is the stuff of genius. Too many politicians in training wheels. Too many cowards who wind up in… »3/08/12 12:40pm3/08/12 12:40pm

Harvard Is Going Dancing Too, Though They Were Studying When They Found Out

There's no video of Harvard celebrating winning the Ivy League (which has no postseason tournament) and thus earning their first ticket to the NCAA Tournament since 1946. That's because it happened last night when Princeton beat Penn, and Harvard players were in the library studying for midterms. (They had a low-key… »3/07/12 11:45pm3/07/12 11:45pm

Jeremy Who? The Best Days For Harvard Basketball Were Back In 1946

People say good things about this Harvard College. Notable folks graduate from there. Big minds. Henry Kissinger. Ted Kaczynski. And Jeremy Lin. The Linsanity sweeping New York and the nation right now would seem to suggest that Harvard is not much of a basketball school, and that's a fair read. But Lin's NBA success… »2/17/12 2:40pm2/17/12 2:40pm

Raise Your Teacups And Your Pinkies: Harvard Basketball Has Entered The AP Top 25

Here's the AP: "Harvard is in The Associated Press' Top 25 for the first time. ... Harvard is the first Ivy League school to be ranked since Princeton cracked the top 10 late in the 1997-98 season." Harvard plays at University of Connecticut (not the school in New Haven, btw) on Thursday. Good luck, nerds. [AP, via NYT »12/05/11 2:05pm12/05/11 2:05pm