TMZ Sports Is Dead, Long Live TMZ Sports

Writes the New York Post's Keith Kelly, "TMZ founder Harvey Levin has been having trouble trying to branch out beyond its comfort zone. He had plans to launch TMZDC covering Washington DC and had also started hiring sports writers and editors with the plan of doing TMZ sports. Both plans fizzled." » 3/09/11 1:35pm 3/09/11 1:35pm

The Continued Dissemination Of TMZ's Erin Andrews Heroism

This is still bothering me, obviously, and in order to sate my tin-foil sleazeball conspiracies, I'm publishing an email sent to me in order to corroborate my post that TMZ's coverage of the Erin Andrews peepholery was a little sketch. » 10/05/09 1:30pm 10/05/09 1:30pm