Book: Ronaldo Refers To Messi As "Motherfucker" Behind His Back

According to Cristiano Ronaldo, the constant comparisons to and ranking of him and Lionel Messi are slightly annoying but ultimately disregardable facts of life. According to a new book, though, Ronaldo takes the rivalry much more seriously and has a whole behind-the-scenes protocol for how he and his teammates deal… »11/11/14 1:57pm11/11/14 1:57pm

Non-Profit Executive Roger Goodell Made $29.5M In 2012

The National Football League, as everyone knows, is a not-for-profit charity, the chief purpose of which is to promote the growth of the sport of football. Sure, it rakes in hundreds of millions of tax-exempt dollars annually, and pays its executives tens of millions, but why not? Who can quibble with its sterling… »1/22/14 2:57pm1/22/14 2:57pm

Fox Sports Has A Message For Imaginary Haters Hating On UFC CEO's Son

The best thing about the relationship between Fox Sports and the UFC is that it works exactly the way you'd expect a relationship between Fox Sports and the UFC to work. This ensures that you can rely on Fox Sports to bring you the UFC content you want and need. Unsure what UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta's second-oldest… »1/22/14 12:54pm1/22/14 12:54pm

Kobe Bryant Will Fuel His Comeback By Imagining Naysaying Media Even As Media Continue To Nuzzle Kobe Tenderly

Sorry for yet more Kobe coverage on an otherwise pleasant Saturday, but as we could’ve witnessed the last of the man for the next, oh, ever, it’s worth trying to figure out whether and how he could come back from the most appropriately named injury in sports. During the press scrum after his apparent torn Achilles,… »4/13/13 4:48pm4/13/13 4:48pm

Cristiano Ronaldo Gives Fans The Finger, Denies Giving Fans The Finger (Video)

The Real Madrid star at least was honest last week, when he expressed why he feels opposing fans heckle him, thus reinforcing those fans' notion of him as an arrogant prick. Here, he shows his appreciation for all the love, though he later was less than forthright by lamely trying to explain it away as mere clowning… »9/21/11 12:10pm9/21/11 12:10pm