Robert Allenby's Kidnapping Story Challenged By Another Witness

Robert Allenby's tale of his alleged kidnapping sounded implausible from the beginning, and now another witness has gone on the record disputing it. You can read our detailed story on Allenby's alleged Friday night "kidnapping" and the investigation that followed, but basically: PGA golfer Robert Allenby claimed… »1/21/15 8:10pm1/21/15 8:10pm


FBI Called In Over University Of Hawaii's Canceled Stevie Wonder Concert Debacle

This is one of the stories where we probably don't know a fraction of what's to come, but at the very least, we know that the University of Hawaii has placed its athletic director on "indefinite leave," called in the FBI, and potentially lost some $200,000 over a Stevie Wonder concert that was booked without Stevie… »7/12/12 12:30am7/12/12 12:30am

A Gruesome Wipe-Out Left This Surfer With Coral Lodged In Her Face

Keala Kennelly, a female pro surfer who is not—far as we know—a con artist, went under during a ride in Teahupoo, Tahiti at the end of August. She hit the reef so hard that the subsequent surgery was necessary in part to remove coral from her face. Video from the wipe-out was just released on Tuesday. »9/15/11 12:10pm9/15/11 12:10pm