Robert Kekaula Apologizes For Calling Fresno "The Armpit Of America"

Hawai'i football broadcaster Robert Kekaula got a dig in on Fresno at the end of Saturday's game against Fresno State, signing off by calling the California city "the armpit of America." Tuesday, Kekaula apologized for his accurate description. » 12/03/14 3:25pm 12/03/14 3:25pm

Hawai'i Beats UNLV With Last-Second Touchdown Pass

Ikaika Woolsey's 20-yard touchdown pass to Marcus Kemp on the final play of the game gave Hawai'i a two-game winning streak and a 37-35 win over conference rivals UNLV. » 11/23/14 2:44am 11/23/14 2:44am

Police: Hawai'i Running Back Drowned While Wading On Beach

Hawai'i running back Willis Wilson was found dead off of a beach in O'ahu Saturday after being reported as missing earlier in the day. » 12/01/13 10:28am 12/01/13 10:28am

Hawaii's Throwback Football Uniforms Have Rainbows, Are Excellent

The Hawaii Rainbow Warriors now have awesome uniforms to match their revived name. They'll be wearing these throwbacks for Saturday's "Retro Night" game against San Diego State. There are rainbows all over the place, along with the old logo used from 1982-1997. Sweet. » 11/14/13 8:40pm 11/14/13 8:40pm

Hawaii QB Lays Out USC Defender With Monster Block

This is almost not fair. Hawaii quarterback Taylor Graham is listed at 6'5", 235. He has five inches and 35 pounds on his prey, USC cornerback Kevon Seymour. Still: head on a swivel, Trojans. » 8/30/13 9:22am 8/30/13 9:22am

Hawaii Puts The Rainbow Back In Warriors

Hawaii has abandoned a plan to neuter one of the best nicknames in college sports. For the first time in 13 years, Hawaii football—and the rest of the university's men's teams—will be the Rainbow Warriors. » 5/15/13 11:23am 5/15/13 11:23am