Report: The NFL Made Disability Payments For Brain Trauma While…

Officially, it was three years ago that the NFL first acknowledged that repeated concussions can indeed have a long-term effect on mental health. In the six years before that, the league had taken the opposite stance, publishing a series of scientific papers that denied any link between football and brain trauma. » 11/19/12 10:50am 11/19/12 10:50am

Really, Montreal Fans? A Protest Against Head Shots Now?

Tonight, before the Habs' game against the Capitals, a couple thousand fans will rally outside the Bell Centre to demand that something be done about head shots in hockey. Except it's a lot more likely they're really agitating for something to be done about the head shot on Max Pacioretty. » 3/15/11 5:05pm 3/15/11 5:05pm