Reader Poll: Big Letters in Headlines or little letters in headlines?

A debate is raging here at Gawker Media: Should we, as a suite of web sites, maintain (with one exception) our current adherence to the grand American newspapering tradition of Headlines that Capitalize the First Letter of Each Significant Word? Or should we crumble before the creeping Europeanization of our culture… »7/24/13 5:41pm7/24/13 5:41pm

Kansas Newspaper Headline Aims For Optimism, Inadvertently Hits Comedy

We get it, Lawrence Journal-World. KU power forward Perry Ellis is just a freshman, and he's new to this. He's eventually going to figure out exactly what he's doing as the Jayhawks' starting power forward, but it wasn't like he was just pawing around in the dark during last night's loss to Michigan State. Just let… »11/14/12 1:45pm11/14/12 1:45pm

Pacific Northwest Newspaper Headline Sums Up Entire Region's Feelings: "Sonics Advance To Finals, Oh Wait"

At first glance, it looks like some copy editor is trolling Sonics fans on the sports front of the Tri-City Herald in Kennewick, Wash. But then you get to that subhead, and the intention becomes perfectly obvious. It's been four years since the Sonics packed up and left for the Great Plains, and it's still too soon. »6/07/12 6:25pm6/07/12 6:25pm

Headline On Radio Station Website Unintentionally Links Robert Griffin III, Masturbation, Jay Leno

You can see how this might happen, given everything. Robert Griffin III was on The Tonight Show late last night, and he beatboxed for Jay Leno, because there's nothing RGIII can't do, you see. Washington D.C.'s all-news station had the footage, and they wanted to post it on their website this morning, the earlier the… »5/18/12 11:15am5/18/12 11:15am

ESPN Had Another Headline Issue Today, And This One Included The Word "Gook"

Here's how the headline to this story looked early Saturday morning on ESPN's Soccernet site. We actually got a tip about it from Andy W, but dismissed it because we'd never heard of Lee Dong-Gook and figured ESPN had Westernized the order of his name (in other words, that his given name was Lee and his surname was… »2/25/12 5:10pm2/25/12 5:10pm

Oh Yu: A Collection Of Awful Yu Darvish Headline Puns

Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish officially signed to a six-year, $60 million deal with the Texas Rangers on Wednesday. Darvish, perhaps the most highly-touted player to ever come out of Japan, will be counted on to help shore up the Rangers' pitching staff following the loss of their former No. 1 starter C.J. Wilson, who… »1/19/12 4:25pm1/19/12 4:25pm